About Depositions.com

  1. What is Depositions.com?
  2. How does Depositions.com make litigation easier?
  3. Why is Depositions.com great for use in court or mediation?
  4. Is Depositions.com secure? Can anyone else see or access my firm’s data?
  5. What can be stored in a Depositions.com account?
  6. How much does it cost to use Depositions.com?
  7. Is Depositions.com affiliated with any court reporting companies?
  8. Does Depositions.com offer enterprise accounts?

Using Depositions.com

  1. How do I stream video?
  2. How do I make a make a video clip?
  3. How do I play downloads while offline?
  4. How do I share with others outside my firm?
  5. How do I enable biometric login?
  6. How do I provide feedback?

About Depositions.com

Depositions.com is a secure, web-based file and video sharing and streaming service. It is specifically designed by lawyers for lawyers, as well as insurance companies and others in the legal industry to use it in connection with litigation and claims. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any desktop or laptop computer, mobile phone or tablet using our iOS and Android mobile apps. Users can access and stream all of their videos and make clips in seconds. With synchronized transcripts, videos can be word searched and captioning can be shown on playback. Transcripts, exhibits and reports can also be accessed, and any content can be easily shared by email or text message.

Video is a powerful and persuasive way to communicate, and it can be essential for evaluating claims and resolving cases. Lawyers and insurance companies shoot lots of video for many different reasons, but aside from mediation and trial, it is rarely used due to large file sizes and the expense and hassle involved in producing, accessing, editing and presenting it. By giving users instant streaming access to all of their videos, transcripts and related files — together with easy clipping and sharing tools — Depositions.com saves firms time and money, and enables better communication and collaboration than ever before.

Depositions.com can save videos to your phone or tablet so you can present at mediation or in court without worrying about Wi-Fi. Connect your mobile device wirelessly to most smart TVs. Apple TV® or similar devices may be required for wireless projection.

Depositions.com is serious about privacy and security. Your videos, transcripts, exhibits and other content are encrypted and stored in secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based servers, and it can only be accessed by authorized users and anyone they share content with.

Your account can store videos and video clips, including depositions, EUOs, statements, interviews, inspections, surveillance, accident scenes, injuries, medical or expert examinations, mediation and trial presentations, and other events. Transcripts and exhibits of depositions, hearings, trials or any other matter may also be stored there. Other Items associated with videos can also be stored, such as reports, photos, audio and other files. See Terms of Service for further details.

Specific rates will be posted on our website, www.depositions.com, when the service becomes available to the public.

Yes. Universal Court Reporting Inc. is the exclusive Florida Court Reporting Affiliate of Depositions.com. Universal is offering free Depositions.com accounts to its clients. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please contact Universal Court Reporting directly at sales@ucrinc.com

Yes. To learn more about Depositions.com enterprise accounts, please contact sales@depositions.com

Using Depositions.com

Stream a deposition or other video on the app anytime, anywhere.

  1. Your Home screen features the 8 most recent Depositions, Clips and Videos in the app.
  2. Tap PLAY to stream video from the cloud.

Filter & Play Video by Matter

  1. Tap Matters, then ALL MATTERS. Switch on each Matter assigned to you.
  2. The app defaults to My Matters giving you focus and reducing noise.

Play a Favorite

  1. Tap the HEART icon to Favorite or un-Favorite any Video
  2. Tap the FAVORITES icon to quickly play any Video you have favorited.

You’re always just a tap or two away from the Video you need. Start exploring now.

Create a video Clip in seconds, without the need for an outside editor.
Pro Tip: Watch until the end to learn how to “Fine Tune with Time Codes”

Videos with a Synchronized Transcript

  1. Scroll the transcript to find your starting point.
  2. Tap a word, and the video will automatically jump to that point.
  3. Tap the CLIP icon to see the Clip Editor with the Start time already in place.
  4. Play video until you’ve reached the desired End point. Then tap “Pause.”
  5. Tap “End.” Type in a name for your clip. Tap “Make Clip.”

Videos without a Synchronized Transcript
Pro Tip: You can create a Clip from any video with these steps!

  1. Slide the video playhead until you’ve reached the desired Start point. Then tap “Start.”
  2. Play video until you’ve reached the desired End point. Then tap “End.”
  3. You can Preview your video before making a clip.

Fine Tuning with Time Codes

  1. Start and End a Clip precisely with the Clip Editor.
  2. Tap the time code box. Adjust up or down by the second. Set Start and/or End.

Find Your Clip

  1. Your Home Screen always shows your 8 most recent Clips
  2. You can always find a Clip next to its source video.

Recent Clips appear on your home screen. All Clips appear with the source video.

Take control of your Clips with this easy to use tool.

How to download from the cloud to your device.

Present video from anywhere with or without Wi-Fi. Download a video or clip to your device for worry-free, offline playback.

Download a Clip

  1. Look for the DOWNLOAD icon under a Clip and tap.
  2. Tap “Download” on the pop-up notification.

Download a Video or other file

  1. Look for the DOWNLOAD ICON under a video or file and tap.
  2. Tap “Download” on the pop-up notification.

Your Clip or Asset will be downloaded to your device

iOS devices: In Files, you will find the item under Downloads.

Android devices: Your item is in your Downloads folder.

You can now play or view your item anywhere without using data or Wi-Fi.
Try the Download tool now.

Securely and easily share a matter, deposition, video or clip with others outside your firm.

Share a link from the app via email, message, chat or however you like.

  1. Tap the SHARE icon to create an expiring link to share.

On mobile devices, you can use native sharing.

What does the recipient get?

  1. Videos and Clips include only the Video or Clip.
  2. Depositions include the video, transcript and exhibits, but not clips.
  3. Shared Matters include all videos, transcripts and exhibits in the matter.

Try the Share tool now, and see how easy collaboration can be.

Enjoy faster access with one of the most secure authentication methods available, for Users with a supported Apple or Android device.

For questions, comments or concerns, tap the ? to tell us directly. We’re here to help.

For any additional questions, please visit our website at www.depositions.com or send email to: sales@depositions.com